Friday, 2 March 2007

Aaj Se Pehle......Chitchor

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I still remember those childhood days when my father hears to the songs of Chitchor in his Bush (bed type) tape recorder. This being his favourite along with other songs in the film is also my favourite for its music and lyrics and most important is K.J. Yesudas's voice that melts in all the songs infact.The credit for the music definetly goes to Mr. Ravindra Jain. I am not sure if such good lyrics are still written these days.

aaj se pahale, aaj se jyaadaa, khushee aajatak naheen milee
itanee suhaanee, ayesee mithhee, ghadee aajatak naheen milee

is ko sanjog kahe yaa, kismat kaa lekhaa, hum jo achaanak mile hain
manachaahe saathee paake, hum sab ke chehare dekho to kaise khile hain
takadeeron ko jod de ayesee kadee aajatak naheen milee

sapanaa ho jaaye wo pooraa, jo hum ne dekhaa, ye mere dil kee duwaan hain
ye pal jo beet rahe hain, in ke nashen mein, dil meraa gaane lagaa hain
isee khushee ko dhoondh rahe the, yahee aajatak naheen milee

dil mein toofaan uthhaa hain, hothhon pe nagmaa, aakhon mein aansoo khushee ke
sapanon ke paas pahoochake, sapanon se dooree, ayesaa naa ho sang kisee ke
koee kahe naa manjil muz ko milee aajatak naheen milee

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Sonata said...

chitchor is an awesome album.. all the songs r mellifluous.. u got a quite a nice blog here n a nice voice too!!uyirum neeye rendition was good!! i have a music quiz blog..and i posted this songs interlude..i was awe-struck..many were aware of this song!!