Thursday, 19 April 2007

My Kutcheri..

It was in the year 1999 when I did my last kutcheri . I do not know whether is it the disinterest or anything else that stopped me by doing kutcheris all these days. This time I should thank my friend Keerthi and his parents for encouraging and pushing me hard. KB along with his parents again were a source of hope . I was really surprised with the hope and confidence that they have on me . My Aththai - Mrs. Hemalatha Kannan along with my parents who have helped me in learning music are to be thanked a tonne . I feel that I should definetly grow to their expectations. Pls find one of the songs from the kutcheri

Listen and download the song here


sowmya said...

Congrats shrikanth ! Very nicely sung the song Enna thavam seithanai :)

I Wish you ,have these kind of opportunities often. :)


Well done Shrikanth! I was there at your last kutchery, along with Keerthi I guess- it was somewhere off mount-road, wasn't it? I'm sure this too went well. Keep singing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sowmya.

Yes Shyllu, That was in VDS arts academy, MOP Vaishanav college :) :)