Friday, 13 April 2007

Oru Koodai Sunlight.....Sivaji

Two songs from Sivaji that have become my favourite after hearing it 3 to 4 times. Oru kudai sunlight and Balleilakka are those which I had to force myself to listen and then it becomes the favourite one. I could say that the song is definetly not upto the mark what Sahara and Vaaji Vaaji has. However I hope it is A.R.Rehman and Rajini who force many of us to listen the song and not the music . There are many other songs in tamil now that I realise are upto the same standard. So most of them are not true music listeners is I personally feel. May be the one who say Sunlight and the Baleilakka are better than any other tamil film music would be a person with more affinity towards ARR or Rajinikanth . My say here is not to comment on the Sivaji songs but that we could develop our attitude towards other songs too positively. May be we develop our interests and they would sound good. "Thaaliye theva illa" from thaamirabarani is a better song and though sounded identical with some song is good to hear infact. kaatril from Mozhi is excellent.. Many other would become our favourite but that would depend upon intention and interest .

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I didnt like the songs after hearing the first few times- but you never know with ARR songs.. it kinda grows on you..