Monday, 11 June 2007

Recording Gimics

Though technology has improved so much I am not sure if some one has done this as Mr.Bharadwaj. "May Madham 98l major aanene" from Jay Jay has interlude that does not make sense like all Harris songs that has one atleast. As soon as I heard this song from Jay Jay in 2004 i had a small thought if they have reversed the first line of the song. To my surprise I was right. It did suit the song very well. So started checking all the harris songs songs too but they weren't this way. Just select the first line of the song and reverse it with any of the music softwares you use and you will find it.... :)

Original track and its reverse

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Interlude and its reverse

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Song in My voice and its reverse

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Harshan said...

Shrikanth ...thanks for sharing this pretty interesting ..

Ramya harish said...

hey interesting.,..never even thought abt tis...until u said.. actually i tried..aana epdi reverse la vardhu ne purila.. after major...anyway good observation..