Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Maalayin Vedhani....Sethu

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Vikram's film that made him famous in tamil industry - Sethu . Unnikrishnan was somewhat top among the playback singers in 1999. One of his best ones. Maestro has done a good job.


Srinath said...


Supera irundhadhu!!! Your voice suits very well to Unni's renditions. But BGM romba kekavae illa, your voice seems to dominate the entire proceeding. Could have been handled with better mixing..

But the paattu portion was perfect.


Shreekanth said...

yeah Srinath, I m in the process of learning the mixing part. Thanks

Keerthi said...

Top Class..

idhukku podu da reverb..

Jothi said...
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Jothi said...

Superb singing, very nice feel. Keep it up.